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From detailing cars to selling…

From detailing cars to selling 15 cars a month.

“I was working in Detail and earning $32,000 a year. I applied to sell cars at a great dealership by the manager because he felt I would succeed and he worked with me on Joe’s training.

After studying Joe’s processes on JVTN®, I understand that closing is not at the end of the sale, but the goal is ABC, to Always Be Closing and moving the sale further in every step of the sale from the greeting to watching them drive off the lot in their car! 

I started out at 8 units a month and now I’m averaging 15-16. My goal is to make $100,000 and I’ll do that by working my plan step by step; holding more gross per car, improving my closing skills and I’ll start my pipeline of repeats and referrals this year.

I plan to keep growing myself and my business!”

–Lee Disla, Salesperson, Florida


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