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General Manager Wins Joe Verde Workshop Package

Training expert, Joe Verde announced that Patrick Sexton, General Manager at Legacy Ford Hyundai, was the winner of the sales and management training workshop package from Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc. at the drawing held at the Best Training Day Ever™ on Feb. 8 in Orlando, Fl.

Verde spoke at the event, which featured five of the industry’s leading performance strategists at the one-day event designed to help automotive retailers increase profit and productivity in every area of their dealerships. The event was sponsored by Covideo by EasyCare, NCM & Associates and Shell Lubricants.

“The event was a great format for all of us,” said Verde, the company’s president. “The dealers and managers who attended were committed to growing their dealerships, and they came specifically to learn more about training their staff.”

“We’re excited to help Patrick boost his dealership to the next level of sales and profit,” Verde continued, who is known for having trained the highest achievers in the automotive business since 1985.

Sexton, the General Manager of Legacy Ford Hyundai in Rosenberg, Texas, won the slate of six training workshops valued at $11,225, offered by Joe Verde including:

  1. Team Leadership – for dealers and managers to give them a step-by-step guide to manage, motivate and control sales to maximize results
  2. How To Sell A Car Today – for salespeople and managers on using The New Basics™ of selling to improve sales with higher gross and great CSI
  3. Close & Negotiating – effective closing and skill-based negotiations for salespeople and managers in today’s market
  4. Desking Deals – teaches managers a three-step process to maximize gross on every deal
  5. Business Development – to turn phone and Internet leads consistently into more deliveries
  6. Train The Trainer – a three-day workshop for managers to develop critical skills and create a long-term, result-driven training program for their dealership

With both two and three-day formats, the live workshops are held throughout North America.

“Everyone knows that the rules in the car business have changed – today there is a new market with new customers and new rules – it’s not business as usual,” said Verde.  “Our workshops coach managers and salespeople on how to work effectively with prospects who are more sophisticated and demand a new level of professionalism and skills from everyone at the dealership.”

To learn about Joe Verde workshops and training products, visit the Web at For information about Joe Verde’s virtual automotive sales training programs online, or to request a free demonstration, visit or call (800) 445-6217.


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