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Get Involved In Your Own Career!

Congrats To Jackson & Team!
“We doubled our units and our gross is incredible!”

“I was taught your process when I first got into the car business and now we take training chapters on JVTN® together every day.

We discuss the subject, we practice, and salespeople follow your 8-step process 100%, bypass price and are closing with zero pressure and our customers love it.

Every salesperson who has been here longer than 3 months is on track for over $100K this year.

In the last 3 months, even dealing with COVID, we’ve doubled our units and our average gross is an amazing $5,669 front and back.

This kind of growth only happens with consistency. I tell my guys…

‘Where your focus goes, your energy flows’.

My team also uses your Monthly Planners and they send a monthly newsletter to their customers to let them know ‘you’ll be safe here’ and outline everything we’re doing.

Your training isn’t about a secret close or some trick. It’s a simple process we can follow that flat out works all the time no matter what! Thanks, Joe.”

– Jackson Turley, Sales Manager, WY


Jackson’s team improved and so can you.
Get involved in your own career now – it’s important!