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Get Ready For 2018

Customer Retention Is The Secret To Continuous Growth

 The average 9 unit salesperson…

  • earns under $40,000,
  • works long hours, 23-26 days per month,
  • talks on the phone to a few people each day, makes an appointment now & then – and now & then some show,
  • doesn’t usually talk to any service customers each day,
  • talks to an average of 4 walk-in customers on the lot,
  • gives only 1 or 2 of them, just an ‘ok’ demo,
  • writes up about 1 a day, and
  • delivers 1 unit about every 3 days.

 The average 30 unit salesperson…

  • earns $100,000 – $150,000 plus every year,
  • works 6-8 hours, 23-26 days per month,
  • calls a ton of people on the phone every day, creates 3 or 4 appointments every day and most show,
  • talks to many different service customers every day,
  • talks to 2 or 3 of their own repeat or referral customers on the lot daily mostly from those appointments,
  • gives almost all customers a great demo & presentation,
  • writes up 75%-100% of the people they talk to, and
  • delivers about 1 unit per day.

 Growth each year is just math…

If you’ve been selling 10 units a month for 5 years, you have 600 customers, who’ll buy a vehicle every 3 or 4 years.

Closing ratios with repeat customers and referrals are 75% to 100%, your commissions are 40% higher, CSI is max, and there’s zero grief. That’s more than enough customers for you to deliver an easy 30 units per month or more, and earn $100,000-$150,000+ every year.

Can you imagine the fun you’d have every day, if you were making 80% of your sales to people you’d sold a car to in the past? Whatever you dislike about selling cars is because you sell to price-focused, ad-driven, walk-in customers.

Get serious in 2018 and build your business. Get to our “How To Sell A Car” and our “Phone / Business Development” workshops, and stop watching videos on JVTN® and start spending at least 30 days on each course so you can actually develop your skills and your processes.

Next year is almost here – start planning now!


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