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Getting a Bigger Paycheck

Great Job Nik!

“From 8.5 to 22 and my biggest paycheck ever after your class!”

“I was averaging 8.5 a month for the last year – and then I attended your ‘How To Sell More Cars’ 2 day class.

Now I understand what you mean about working smarter, not harder.

Your 8 step sales process was such an eye opener and it makes 100% sense – and that was exactly what I needed to know.

Now I assume everyone is here to buy, I follow your steps to a sale, and after understanding why getting minor commitments (yeses) is so important, I’m getting more of them to build value. And now I’m bypassing price on the lot to stay on track with the selling process.

My gross is much higher, my deals are so much easier, my customers are happier and I had my biggest paycheck ever and I sold 22 cars.

‘Win with Venn!’ … is my new catchphrase & my customers love it. Thank you for showing me that the car business really is the greatest.”

– Nik Venn, Salesperson, KY


Selling cars should be easy. Why?

TBT… Almost everybody has done their research and is on your lot for one reason: To Buy Today.

Once you learn to sell, the hard stuff you face now really does disappear as you follow my 8 steps to the sale.

Get to class or get on JVTN® and learn how to start selling more and earning more the easy way. And start now so you can join the $100K Club next year, too.


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