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Getting ‘Lucky’ With Sales

Want to get lucky and earn more this month? Just do what a lot of 20-30-40 car pros do:

• Look, Act, Sound and Think like a pro this month!

• Leave problems, stinky little attitudes and everything but selling at the curb and just go to work to sell a car.

• Work your shift. Don’t wait, hope, or visit – just go to work to ‘work’. Write this down and read it often…

“Am I doing the most productive thing possible right now?”

• Don’t ask if they’re there to buy – assume each prospect will buy today, treat them like buyers and close the sale.

• Build rapport with everyone.

• Assume nothing. Find each different person’s wants and needs for buying and sell them what they want.

• Don’t talk price – focus on what they want (value).

• Stop prequalifying to decide whether you’re talking to a buyer or not. You’re guessing wrong and losing 6 out of 8 sales.

• Give every customer on your lot your very best targeted presentation and demonstration on their Hot Buttons.

• Write up everyone you can – period.

• Focus the negotiation on budget, not price. Keep bringing it back to Down & Payments (terms / budget) – those are the real decisions 90% of your customers have to make.

• Follow up with everyone who didn’t buy – yet. Do it right and you’ll increase your sales 67%. (That’s huge.)

Follow these steps, and I guarantee Santa will be very good to you in sales this month.

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