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Go With The Flow

Almost everyone will ask you a price question right away. Why? Maybe it’s just a habit, maybe they don’t know what else to ask, and maybe they’re just trying to ask you ‘what can I buy this for?’

‘Why’ doesn’t matter – what matters is: if you let the conversation focus on price instead of value, your chances of making a sale drop from 50%+ to 10-20%.

Why is talking about price a problem? Because when you’re talking about price, trades, down, payments & rates, you’re talking about the transaction and the transaction comes last, not first.

When you focus on price, you skip getting the info about ‘who it’s for’ and ‘why they want it’ that you need to‘sell’ the car.

Sell the vehicle first, sell ‘budget’ once you’re inside.

That’s why a sale that flows this way leads to a delivery over 50% of the time:

* Greet
* Rapport & Investigate
* Select Best Vehicle For Them
* Demonstrate & Present (Value)
* Close On The Vehicle & Value
* Write It Up & Focus On Budget
* Easy Sale, Deliver 50% With Gross

When price is the focus, sales flow this way and deliver at 10-20% with low gross:

* Greet
* Price Talk (Transaction)
* Shortcuts (No Demo / No Value)
* Close On Price / Etc.
* Commit To Buy Based On Price
* Tough Sale – Fight For Gross

It takes 2 hours, either way. Do it right, and you’ll sell more and earn more. Don’t & you won’t!


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