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Go With The Flow

Almost everyone will ask a price ques­tion right away. Why? Maybe it’s just a habit, maybe they don’t know what else to ask, and maybe they’re just trying to ask, “What can I buy this for?”

The ‘why’ doesn’t matter – what matters is that if you allow the conversation to start off about price instead of value, your chances of delivering it drop like a rock.

Why is talking about price a problem? Simple, when you’re talking about price, trades, down, payments, rates, you’re talking about the transaction and dis­cussing those options come last, not first.

When you talk price up front, you prob­ably don’t even know who it’s for, how they’ll use it, or why they want it – so you can’t build value.

Buying Is Emotional,
Discussing Price Is Transactional

When price is the focus, sales flow this way and deliver at 10-20% with no gross…

* Greet with “How can I help you?”
* Focus on Price (Transaction)
* Select Vehicle Based On Price
* Shortcuts (No demo / low value)
* Close On The Price / Payment
* Tough Sale – deliver 10-20%

Sales that flow this way lead to a delivery over 50% of the time with good gross…

* Greet Them Properly
* Build Rapport & Investigate
* Select Best Vehicle For Them
* Demonstrate & Present (Value)
* Close On The Vehicle & Value
* Start The Paperwork (Transaction)
* Easy Sale – Deliver Half w/Gross

It takes 2 hours, either way. Do it right and you’ll sell more. Don’t & you won’t.


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