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Goals Control Success

If you read my blog, you’ve probably remember me talking about how to grow from the bottom up. It’s really a very simple and logical process.

Just keep improving your lowest months.

That makes sense, but what about your highest months? More good news: by eliminating your bad months, you’ll also sell more on the high end by default.

If you’re trying to improve and haven’t read my book, “Goal Setting for Salespeople”, get it now – it’s free on our website, read it asap and follow my directions exactly because…

• 87% of us have no goals, (but most of us think we do)
• 10% try to set goals, (but don’t set goals correctly)
• And only 3% set goals correctly and reach them.

Even if you’re really trying to set goals to improve, there’s a chance you’re still striking out. But don’t give up – because there’s a pot of gold in sales. To continually improve you have to follow these directions…


Set goals based on your ‘current average’,
not just on a whim or to beat your best month.

Sure, some people can improve faster, but, “I’m going to double sales next month,” either doesn’t happen, or is a one-time event, if it took doubling down on ‘extra hours’ (which can’t be maintained).

Goals without a plan you can follow to reach them usually don’t happen. Your long-term goal should be continuous improvement with a plan you can follow.

1. Start with your ‘current average’.

To grow in units or gross or total income, use your most recent 90 day average (last 3 months) as your starting point.

Assume you normally sell 10 or 12 units, and your best 2 months in the last 12 months are 18 and 20.

Here’s the problem; too many people think, “I sold 20 in the past, so I’m going for 22 this month.”

It’s a bold goal and almost sounds realistic, but if your average is 12, unless you attend class or double down on JVTN® ‘skill development’ it probably won’t happen. That’s why you use your 90 day average instead.

If you sold 12 in July, 12 in August, and 12 in September (36 total) that’s a current average of 12 units per month.

22 is almost double your average and won’t happen, unless you attend our sales class or ‘take’ JVTN® courses on how to sell, ask questions, and how to deal with price – or unless you work bell to bell, which will just wear you out, not improve your sales.

To grow, if your Current Average is 12, a great 90 day goal would be to average 13. To improve your average by 1, you’ll need to deliver 39 units in the next 3 months.

More good news: Do that every 90 days, and in 12 months you’ll average 16 each month a year from now. Making that happen is a simple 2 step process:

• Don’t allow yourself to have those low months.
• Set a 90 day goal to improve by just 1 unit.

Is it worth it? I think so, and the math proves it.

To find out what your average sale is worth, count all of your income each month and divide by your total deliveries. If your average is 12 units at $350 per unit, that’s 144 units per year x $350 = $50,400.

By raising your average to 13, you’ll sell 156 in the next 12 months and 156 x $350 = $54,600, or a 13th month of income ($4,200) in the next 12 months.

“Can you do it?” isn’t even a question, because whether you sell 8 or 38, everyone can improve by 1 unit. And in real life when you decide to learn more and improve, it won’t be by just 1 unit, especially not in the beginning.

2. The missing piece – What’s Your Plan?

The goal may be based on your current average and the goal may be realistic, but without a plan, you’re back to just hoping it will work out. So you need a plan.

Planning involves you doing things a little differently and more effectively than what you’re doing now. Why?

Because if you keep doing the same things,
you’ll just keep getting the same results or less.

We’re talking about planning to sell 13 by improving your S H A C, not by making extreme sacrifices and not by working 24/7 because you can’t maintain it.

• When you improve a Skill and use it, you’ll sell more.
• When you improve your work Habits, you’ll sell more.
• When your Attitude is ‘I can’, not ‘I’ll try’ you’ll sell more.
• When you choose to work with high value Customers and stop waiting for walk-ins, you’ll sell more.

Goals + a SHAC plan = the secret to growth!


Learning to set goals is so important in sales and our lives. Download this book by Joe Verde, the leader in car sales training, “Get Everything You Want In Sales” today (it’s FREE) and learn how to control your own destiny.