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Good vs. Getting Better

80% of salespeople are average – and I know a lot of you who read this every month aren’t just average – you’re good, so congratulations. My question is, “Do you want to get even better?”

In the last 3 months on my blog we’ve covered • Goal Setting • Asking Better Questions • Things You Can Be Good At And Still Be Stuck At Average • Moving To Your Next Level • Critical Step #1 With Be-Backs & • How To Learn More Taking Our Online Courses.

So what did you do with that info? Did you head online with JVTN® and take or review those courses or tell yourself you didn’t need to, or that you couldn’t because you’re too busy to get better (Whoa; that doesn’t even make sense.)

I’m always surprised when I ask salespeople, “What do you do every day to prepare for the 4 or 5 opportunities (that’s the average) you have every day to make $1,000 every day?”

Yep, the answer is usually ‘nothing’.

When 4 out of 5 people you talk to will be buying within a week, I really don’t understand why salespeople would take their kids to practice for a soccer game so they have a chance to win, and then do absolutely nothing to learn more or to practice for their own “Paycheck Game” that will happen 5 times every day.

The family doesn’t depend on a soccer trophy to pay the bills, but they do depend on that paycheck.

So if I just described you, focus on improving, so you can eliminate the financial pressures on everyone, especially now.

Too many people depend on you to do your very best this year, not just what you feel like doing, so step up and ‘make ‘em proud.’


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