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Gross is Up!

Dealers are telling us ‘gross is up’. Why? They say it’s because people don’t want to shop several dealerships with the COVID outbreak to buy a car, so they’ll pay more.

But customers always felt that way and most of them would have paid more.

The difference is, most salespeople don’t follow the basics, they spend more time on price than value and then skip the critical demo step – hoping for a quick sale. The result: 6 out of 8 buyers will leave to buy somewhere else.

Read the testimonials from experienced people who improve overnight: “I slowed down, stayed away from price, focused on value, followed your 8 steps every time and my sales are easier, my gross is higher and my customers love me.”

Even better: They doubled their sales & income by talking to fewer people, not more.

Want less frustration, easier sales, bigger commissions
and happier customers?

Easy…Take our JVTN® or DVD course, “How To Sell Cars”, follow the workbook 100% – you’ll develop skills you’ve never had and your sales and income will go up. Do this…
• Spend one month on this course.
• Print the PDF or buy the $20 workbook, so you can follow each chapter and practice sessions. (If you don’t have the workbook, call for more details).
• Then use what you’ve learned!

Learning to ‘sell’ took me and people who want to improve from being average to becoming ‘professionals in sales’.

The best part…turning pro makes selling cars the most fun, and most financially rewarding profession in the country. Just start now, you’ll be glad you did.


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