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Hammer, Pliers & Baling Wire

I grew up on a 250 acre ‘barely get along’ farm with my grandparents. Gramps didn’t have enough money to buy many tools, so when things broke, we either couldn’t fix it or it took forever … all because we didn’t have the right tools to use.

Everybody says they want to sell more & earn more and a lot of people do work real hard trying. But most salespeople either don’t have the tools they need to improve … or they have them, but don’t use them.

If you’re serious about improving, use my tools to help you.

There are some things you’ve just gotta do if you want to improve. Rate yourself to know what you need to improve, set goals, then create a plan. And you have to know your stats.

Fact: Whether you sell 10 or 30 and earn $20K or $100K+ a year, there’s a 90% chance you can’t define how you accomplish what you do now.

Why does that matter? That’s easy…

If you don’t know how you got to where you are now –
you sure don’t know how to get to where you want to be next.

Seriously, check out my store on and download the tools we offer that you need to improve your sales and income. (ps – A lot of it’s free!)