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Help Your Customers Buy

If you were selling commercial vehicles, the buyer knows why they need the vehicle, that’s a given. But wouldn’t you need to know what their needs were so you could show them why your product is the perfect solution?

If you sell cars, aren’t you also selling solutions to people’s wants and needs? Yes. To sell more, you need to know more than the basics; color, model, package.

If they say, “I want a loaded SUV” and you just head straight to the loaded SUV row, you have no idea what to talk about, so you’ll just cover everything.

But they don’t care about everything, so you have no ‘selling leverage’. You can’t focus on any specific feature and know if you’re pushing a hot button or something that doesn’t even matter to them.

You need to know everything about your product, and more importantly, you need to know what to focus on when you give your ‘targeted’ presentation.

You’ll give a ‘generic’ walkaround on the lot, but when you’re on the demo, it’s time for your targeted walkaround. To do that, you have to know the targets.

You have to know ‘who’ it’s for, ‘why’ they want it, ‘what’ features are most important, and ‘how’ they’ll be using it.

Every time you push a ‘hot button’, you move closer to the sale. Every time you focus on something they don’t care about, you move further from a sale.

To make sure you’re pushing the right buttons, review the JVTN® course, workshop workbook, or my book, “How To Sell Cars” and focus on the chapter on finding each driver’s ‘Hot Button’ wants & needs.


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