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Here’s ‘one thing’ to help you sell more

Most salespeople don’t count all of those other potential customers, because most don’t buy. The problem is with the word ‘most’.

All People – Most People = Some People
who do end up buying, when you do your job.

I learned to cheat too, because my first manager told me to log all ‘ups’. The other salespeople told me not to, but I logged 4 or 5 a day (+/- 100) anyway and delivered +/- 10 units (10%). Then my manager threatened to fire me for ‘burning through too many ups’.

So I only logged 50 the next month, showed a 20% closing ratio and he gave me a high five and a pat on the back. I only logged 40 the next month (25%) and got a free tank of gas. My manager’s happy zone was 40 to 60 ups, so that’s what I logged.

The problem with cheating is that to set accurate goals,
you need an accurate baseline – your starting point.

About those kids, lookers, etc. … It sounds tough to know which ones to count, but if you assume all will buy and follow my steps to the sale, within a few minutes you’ll know whether to count them or not.

Your goal with tracking is consistency.

Improving your tracking is ‘one thing’ that will help you sell more. If you’re ready to improve and even turn pro, then it’s time to get serious about a good education in sales. So do this…

1. I don’t care if you’ve been selling cars one year like Alexander or 20 years, or how many you sell, if you want to sell more…

a. Start with my JVTN® course, “How To Sell More Cars” and spend the next 45-60 days just on that course. Start with chapters 1 & 2. (Tip: Spend $15 to get the printed workbook.)

b. After chapters 1 & 2, take one chapter at a time. Don’t skip chapters. Do the homework & workbook practice sessions until you’ve mastered the skill and process. Whether the chapter takes a day or two weeks, it’s ok. Your goal is to master each skill & process.

c. Take the “Questions” course next. It’ll take 30-45 days to do it correctly and nail the different types of questions. This is the most important skill overall that you’ll ever develop in sales.

2. Look at the other 18 JVTN® courses & rate yourself from 1-10 on each and pick just one course to work on every 30-60 days.

3. After you finish your 3rd course, also start reviewing (watching) each course you’ve already taken. I guarantee you’ll find something in each one that you’ll want to work on again.

Your dealer has provided a great opportunity for you to grow & improve with JVTN®. Make them proud of their decision.


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