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How bad is business now?

How bad is business for most dealerships?

There is no general answer to that right now. Seems like most of the US and Canada were in a lockdown and most dealerships couldn’t open for sales, and many may be slowly reopening over the next month. During this time, I’d hope that most of those were still ‘dialing for dollars’ to rekindle or establish relationships, not just sell – and are working hard on the leads that did come in.

The great thing about the car business is that 95% of the driving age people have one, and will buy another one. And 95% of those who do become drivers will start that process all over again.

Whether it’s the pandemic or a slow month…
• Somebody has a lease expiring.
• Somebody wrecked their car yesterday.
• Somebody needs an extra car for the family.
• Somebody will be buying a vehicle now just because they want one and can afford to do it.

We’re talking to 150 to 200 dealerships every day and some are continuing to sell vehicles, and some are not.

The most important thing to remember is that if your dealership’s sales department is open in any fashion, your personal recovery is up to you.

You may not be able to go in to work, but you have a phone that works just fine. People in your market may not be out buying, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start filling your pipeline with future business by contacting them to let them know service is open, and anything else your dealership may be doing.

So many of you are on JVTN® and you can connect anywhere. Whether you’re at work, home, or laid off until this clears up, you certainly want to take a chapter or more on JVTN® every day now, so that when the bell rings, you’re totally prepared to hit the ground running.

Training is one thing our dealers, managers and salespeople are doing right now, so that when the gates open up again – they’ll have more and better skills to sell than they had before all of this started.

They’re guaranteeing a fast start and that will guarantee a higher future income from those new skills.


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