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How Can I Sell More?

This is another frequent question we get, and it’s the easiest one to answer.

You’ll see workers and waiters in almost every job. A lot of people get paid the same, whether they work or wait.

Not so for salespeople, though. You’re in a profession that pays for one thing, and one thing only … results (a sale).

You see workers and waiters every day in your own sales department, and I know you see the difference. The top salespeople are always busy doing something. You don’t see them hanging out and wasting time. They’re working, while other salespeople are doing the ‘Crow thing’, (below).

You know what I’m talking about, but people still ask ‘what does working’ really mean in sales? It’s simple, let’s define it:

A) You’re with a customer on the lot or in your office.

B) Or you’re on the phone / email / texting contacting lost sales, prospecting for new business by phone or in service or contacting sold customers to build your repeat business.

C) Or you’re spending 20 to 30 minutes a day taking our training on JVTN® and practicing what you learn in here or in my books every month, so that you continually improve.

D) There is no D. To sell more: work. Spend every minute of your shift focused on the ABCs and you will sell more.

The Hawk vs. The Crows

I was just outside having lunch & saw a dozen crows screeching & hassling a hawk, trying to distract it from its mission. The hawk ignored the crows, stayed focused on his goal, and then did a fast dive & got his lunch.

How about you?

Are you the Hawk that ignores all the ‘stuff’ from everyone else and works every minute of your shift doing something to sell a car now or at some point in the future so you can hit your goals … or are you just another Crow with the constant blah, blah, blah trying to con everyone else about why you don’t sell more?


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