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How do I stay motivated?

How do I keep my head on straight right now?

In my newsletter for auto Dealers and Managers this month, I reminded them that this month that now is the time to…

Dig your way ‘up’ and ‘out’ of this,
instead of ‘down’ and ‘deeper’ into it.

The question focuses on the critical part of success in sales – and that’s how you ‘think’. Henry Ford said,

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.”
And can or can’t really does control your success.
“But Joe, I’m positive, I just hope it ends soon.”

A lot of people think they are positive, but there’s a huge difference between being positive and being ‘hopeful’.

‘Hope’ is fear driven – not confident. You can hear the hidden fear when people say, “Man, I’m hoping this clears up soon, I need to sell something,” while they hold their breath and wait out front for a customer to show up.

This comment from yesterday is filled with confidence…

“This is gonna end soon and I’m taking your courses online every day,
so I’m ready when they open the gates, and I’m pounding the phones
to keep my relationships going with people to make sure I also
have people coming in to buy from me.”

The General Manager at Victorville Motors told us he isn’t just hoping, he’s taking the group’s confidence to the next level.

They sent everyone home in April, so he’s personally holding training on JVTN® for every single employee in the dealership, not just the sales department. He is holding virtual training with groups of 10, three x every day online, so that everyone stays positive from being more confident, and so that they’re ready to ‘rock ‘n roll’ when they lift the CA ‘stay at home’ policy. (Hey Victorville – have fun, sell cars and make $$$!)

Couldn’t he have just hired a ‘motivator’, not a skills based training company to pump them up? Sure. The problem is ‘Pump Sessions’ only give you a temporary confident feeling that dissolves with each tough customer and lost sale they couldn’t control.

To gain real confidence – spend an hour a day on JVTN® improving your skills. When they lift the restrictions, you’ll not only be confident, you’ll have the skills to sell more.


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