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How Does A Good Demo Help Me Sell More?

Other than all of the other steps to selling, the demonstration is the most important step. Yes, every step of the sale is important, but the demo has that one statistic that completely sets it apart from every other step of the New Basics™. No Demo – No Sale.

You can mess up on just about any other step and still sell a car because you can recover somewhere in the process. But there is no recovery to no demo because 99% don’t buy until they’ve driven the vehicle. And to remind everyone who tries, when your prospects don’t drive it first and you shortcut it straight to a write-up, it’s all about price, and in the end, they still want to go drive it before they’ll head to Finance.

So why fight it? Just learn how to get them behind the wheel before you head inside.

Even with the tough customer who says, “I just want to know your best price,” just respond with, “Not a problem, my manager will be done in just a few minutes and we’ll have him look at your trade and give us all the figures – while we’re waiting, let’s take it for a quick spin – who wants to drive first Bob, you or Betty?”

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