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How much do you make per hour?

Why learn more?
Why does it matter?

How much do you make per hour in sales?

If you assume a 45 hour week x 50 weeks…

$ 50,000 per year = $ 22 per hour
$100,000 per year = $ 44 per hour
$200,000 per year = $ 89 per hour
$300,000 per year = $133 per hour
$400,000 per year = $178 per hour
$500,000 per year = $222 per hour

What didn’t change in the examples above?

Right, the 45 hours worked. It isn’t how many hours you work that matters – it’s what you do while you’re at work.

The result at the end of the day, month and year in units and in your income depends on SHAC; your selling skills, work habits (whether you come to ‘work to work’ or to ‘wait & hope’), attitude and whether you’re focused on selling to walk-ins or repeat and referrals. It’s not based on how many hours you spend at work.

Again, the increases come from changes in SHAC; a different attitude, better skills, more effective work habits, and by developing your own customer base to control your sales and income, instead of waiting for your dealer to buy you another price shopping walk in.

If you’re working more than 45 hours and laughed about my using 45 hours a week (9 hours a day x 5 days) I get it. I know some of you put in way more hours and that makes the point about learning more and getting control of your career even more important.

When I sold 8, I worked bell to bell most days, too. I had to, so I could pay the rent and feed my family.

When I sold 30+, I pretty much worked an 8 hour day. Until you learn how to deal with price, build value, close, negotiate and work with your repeats, referrals and other prospects you bring into the dealership – I agree, it’s hard to believe you can actually spend less time working. But once you do learn more, instead of selling a vehicle every 3 days, you’ll sell one every day.

Take a few minutes to read people’s improvements at Not one person said they worked longer, they just started working smarter.

You can, too – all you have to do is do it!


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