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How Serious Are They?

Ask Joe … “What do you do when a customer says they want to come in, but keep cancelling or missing their appointment? How do you know if they’re serious or not?”

The next time you talk to them, ask, “Where are you now?” After they tell you, just say, “Hang on and I’ll be there in 10 minutes with your new car.”

If they aren’t serious, they’ll realize they just got caught and will try to come up with some quick excuse, which gives you the chance to say (always with a smile in your voice)…

“Oh, I get it – you really weren’t coming back, huh?” Then they’ll give you a very unrehearsed excuse, so you’ll say…

“I understand, but I really thought you guys like the truck, so help me out, so I don’t make the same mistake again. Was it something about our dealership, or something I said, something about the vehicle itself, or is it the price?”

Now, which of those do you think they’ll jump on? Exactly, “price” because everyone thinks that’s their ticket off the lot (or off the phone). So when they say, “Joe, it’s just too much money / more than we can afford,” rephrase that to budget, and isolate ‘price’ as the only objection to buying…

“I know you both love the truck and it has all of the equipment you and Betty want – and I also know everybody has an amount they’ve budgeted for their purchase, so other than fitting this into your budget, is there any other reason we couldn’t wrap this up today so you can start enjoying your new truck and so you can head to the river this weekend?”

Typical response, “What can you do?” “Leave that to me, we need to act fast though, because we have a buyer right now for your trade, and another couple have been looking at the same truck, can you get down here right away, or is 5:45 or 6:15 better for you?”


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