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How to get from the 8 Car Rut to 20…

As the 8 car guy my first 5 years, I would have immediately laughed this off and started explaining why you can’t.

My response would have included the same things we hear from salespeople today who were never trained, or worse, were trained on the same sales prevention skills and techniques I learned my first 5 years in sales.

Some of my responses would have been…

• People who sell more than 10 or 12 have an advantage:

You have to be that ‘everybody’s favorite’ type of person they love to talk to, and that’s not me.

You have to be the manager’s favorite – they take deals for them they won’t take for me.

You have to kiss up and get all the house deals, either that or be a friend or relative, and I’m neither.

You just have to be lucky.

And every day we hear people say it’s impossible, even those who work with salespeople who sell 20 or 30.

• And even more common because every person goes online before they buy; you can’t sell more because everybody knows the best price and that’s all people care about.

On this price stuff, I can’t help but laugh every time I hear that, because we all said the exact same thing.

Every dealership I worked for ran full page ads, dealership windows were painted with, “Pile ‘em deep – sell ‘em cheap” signs, and every vehicle had a discount painted on the windshield, and a ‘red tag special’ sign hanging from the rear view mirror.

Yet I can’t even remember a single person who actually bought an ugly car they didn’t like, that wouldn’t do what they needed it to do, just because it was cheap.

And if the dealership isn’t posting prices everywhere, most salespeople then and today are either…

1. Allowing price to remain the focus:

When a customer asks the price, instead of just answering the question, “It’s just over 40” and moving on with a question like, “Were you looking for something mid-range like this or with more equipment?”…

Instead, they say, “It’s Forty-Two Thousand, Six Hundred Dollars – what were you planning to spend?” and it’s downhill from there with ‘how much’ the customer will put down, payments they want, and what they owe and want for their trade.

2. The salesperson starts on price.

I was taught to go straight to price, trade, down and payments. My managers didn’t want us to waste their time working deals if people couldn’t buy or weren’t ready to buy.

3. They treat each customer differently.

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. The doctor buys cars and other big things just like her cousin who owns the car wash, and her brother the bartender do.


To get from 10 to 20, it’s a simple process. If you doubt it, go to and read the testimonials from salespeople who do it every month. They all say the same things…

A. Everybody is a buyer. “I assumed every person on the lot was a buyer.”

B. It isn’t about ‘Price’. “I learned how to handle price questions, and how to turn price objections into budget concerns.”

C. Selling ‘Process’. “I learned your 8 steps to the sale and follow them every time, with every customer.”

On changing from “I can’t”, to “Now I see how I can”, here’s a comment from a salesperson who did…

“When you spend 2 days with a trainer you can talk to and a group of salespeople from all over the U.S. and Canada, some who are selling over 20 a month, the goal to improve becomes way more realistic.”

You can increase your sales overnight if you’ll just, “Go to work to work!” and do those 3 things above.

Moving from 10 to 30 plus is just a step by step process. Just buckle down, learn more, follow the ABCs above, and make it happen.


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