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How To Improve Your Sales Right Away!

I’d been playing golf for a few years, but no matter how long I played, the hardest concept I had to buy into and the hardest habit I had to break to hit the ball farther is that I should swing easier, not harder.

Swinging the club was an aerobic workout most of the time. When I did slow down though, I had more control, my ball went farther and my scores dropped. The same is true in sales because … Speed Kills Sales!


We’ve always gotten comments from salespeople and dealerships who’ve gotten great results after our training. But the results comments we’re getting now from our customers who use the combination of our classes and JVTN® are almost staggering.

With our classroom instruction and then continuous training on JVTN® each day, salespeople and managers are developing skills faster than ever before. The real secret to success finally sinks in with the combination of our initial workshop training and then ongoing virtual training in the dealership.

When we talk to those individuals or to the dealers or managers at dealerships who’ve seen incredible improvements, the main focus from almost every person or dealership is the same…

They slowed down!

Selling more isn’t about needing more prospects – the secret is in the quality of the time you spend with each one.

We teach salespeople and dealerships to improve 30-50% almost immediately. Those increases don’t come from getting more prospects, they come from taking the time to sell correctly. Examples…

“Before we got JVTN® I averaged 8–9 units and discounted each $1,000-$1,500 to get a sale. Now I focus on value, know how to handle objections and sell most of my units at sticker. Last month, I sold 20 units. Thanks for making it so easy.” Blake, AZ

“We signed up for JVTN® in late April and got more than we ever imagined. We started weekly and daily training and went from 42 units in April to 102 in July. Our entire dealership has changed. Thank you.” Leigh Ann, MS.

Read those again. Neither said they got more traffic, they just changed how they sell like Tom did after 27 years… “I’d been selling cars 27 years and was selling 6-8 per month. After we got JVTN® I learned to say the right things to get commitments and handle price objections, and now I’m averaging 17-18. Thanks Joe.” Tom, OH

I hear the same thing from almost everyone who makes dramatic improvements from our workshops and online training: “I followed the Basics.”

Most of you are on JVTN®, too, just like the salespeople and dealerships above. But are you fighting the changes you need to make to allow yourself to be more productive?

Why is improving and changing important?

Because if you keep doing what you’re doing now, you can only keep getting what you’re getting now … or less.

Follow the Basics and sell more.

Let’s talk about the very first step: The Warm-Up (aka: Wander Around).

This is the most critical part of your selling process because it’s where your foundation for a sale is built, and where most sales are lost. In this first stage…

• People are making decisions about you and your dealership. Your first impression, your greeting and your introductions to Service and the other employees control these decisions. If they decide they feel comfortable with you and your dealership, they’ll mentally move forward in their buying process.

• You’re also giving them a general presentation of the product by clarifying different models and answering questions about color and equipment options. You are not making your walk-around presentation yet.

• You’re finding their Hot Buttons – the reasons they’re buying – so you can give a ‘Targeted Demo & Presentation’ later. You’ll find out who it’s for, how they’ll use it, and why they’re getting it. To do that, you have to do two things – ask the right questions and listen to what they say.

• From your general Q&A about models, equipment and colors, plus what you’ve learned about who, what and why (Hot Buttons, above), now it’s time for you to select the perfect vehicle for them.

• Buying is emotional, price discussions are logical. That means at this stage you can’t let price, trade, payoffs, down, payments, or monthly payments become the focus or you’ll miss most sales. Why? Because you haven’t built enough value yet in owning the product (emotion) and you can’t – if you’re talking price.

How do you prevent it? By learning to ask the right questions to move price (bypass) out of the conversation.

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