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How To Move Up In Levels

The progression from the bottom to the top in sales is all about skills, processes, goals, organization & determination. So let’s look at the quick list of skills and habits you need to get to your next level.

1. From ‘Below Average’ to ‘Average’

First, get serious. Do what I cover in here and “Go to Work to Work!” (Download the audio and listen every day for 30 days.)

2. From ‘Average’ to ‘Good’

Tip: Just skip ‘Above Average’. Take the shortcut straight to ‘Good’.

• Treat everyone as a buyer.

• Stop talking about price.

• Develop the key skills in “How To Sell Cars” & follow my 8 Steps 100% of the time.

• Contact every unsold customer within minutes. (JVTN® “Unsold Follow Up”).

3. From ‘Good’ to ‘Pro

Do everything in #2 you can to hit ‘pro’ #s, but you still can’t control COVID, weather, fires, etc., so…

• Make repeat business & referrals your priority & get organized. Take the courses in #2 above and my ‘free’ course; using my Monthly Planning Guide For Sales to become more productive every day.

4. To Reach Every Next Higher Level

• Now make better closing, objection and negotiation skills your priority. (JVTN®)

• Continue your education daily. We forget 60% of what we heard 20 minutes ago and that means you need to continually learn more and review what you know but forgot. Stop saying ‘I don’t have time’. A 6-minute video only takes 6 minutes.

You have the opportunity to improve & that means your success is totally up to you.


Learning to set goals is so important in sales and our lives. Download this book by Joe Verde, the leader in car sales training, “Get Everything You Want In Sales” today (it’s FREE) and learn how to control your own destiny.