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“How To Sell More Cars” DVD Package Available For Pre-Order

Joe Verde’s New ‘Core 4’ Selling Skills DVD Package
Includes the 4 Most Important Courses on How to Sell Cars

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., today announced the new Joe Verde ‘Core 4’ Selling Skills DVD Package, which includes the 4 most important courses on how to sell cars, is now available for pre-order. The ‘Core 4’ DVD Package includes a Leader’s Guide and a 5-pack Workbook set.

The package includes:

Course #1 – Skills You Need To Sell More Cars

This course helps salespeople develop their skills to sell more cars. Salespeople will learn how to deliver more units and make more money by applying the skills in this course to turn hot-button features into advantages and benefits, sell more from their current inventory, create urgency with prospects and handle price and objections with every prospect. Click here to view the course content.

Course #2 – Ask The Right Questions & Close More Sales

Telling isn’t selling – and high achievers in sales know that the best way to close more sales, win more negotiations and develop more customers for life, is to ask better questions. Knowing how to ask the right questions to establish rapport with customers, avoid price, find hot buttons, and close the sale is critical to selling more. Click here to view the course content.

Course #3 – Handling “PRICE”

Salespeople need to know how to handle ‘price’ with every customer, in every situation. It’s a critical skill for both salespeople and managers to sell more units with higher gross profits. Salespeople will learn the specific skills to handle tough questions, concerns and objections so they can close more deals. Click here to view the course content.

Course #4 – How To Sell More Cars Every Month

The sale is made or lost on the lot based on the value the salesperson creates and on their skills at closing and handling the customer’s buying objections. Salespeople will learn how to take their sales to the next level and make selling easier, with higher gross profits to happier customers. Click here to view the course content.

“These ‘Core 4’ Selling Skills DVDs contain the most important information on how to sell cars,” said Joe Verde, President of Joe Verde Sales and Management Training, Inc. “You learn the right questions to ask to sell and close more sales, along with the specific skills to handle tough questions, concerns and objections. Learn these and you will close more deals with higher gross and more satisfied customers.”

Verde and his team of professional trainers have over 60 years of combined experience teaching Joe Verde sales and management skills and processes. They’ve spoken to more than 150 dealer 20 groups, ADAs, and at many other industry events, including 25 NADA annual conventions. They also hold hundreds of Joe Verde Sales and Sales Management Workshops each year. Verde’s training is exclusive to the automotive industry. It provides common-sense solutions to every challenge that salespeople, managers and dealers face today in selling more vehicles, earning higher profits, and retaining their customers for life.

To learn about Joe Verde workshops and training products, or to request a free copy of Verde’s latest books, call (800) 445-6217, or visit: To pre-order ‘Core 4’ Selling Skills DVD Package click here:

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