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How To Work Fewer Hours And Sell More…

Who Could Pass This Up?

So many people say, “Joe, if I did everything you talk about, I’d never have any time off with my family.”

I’ve never said work longer. In fact, when you do what we teach, you’ll spend less time at work, earn more money, and have more quality time with your family.

How to sell more in less time…

Step 1: Go to work ‘to work’.

We surveyed 3,500 salespeople. They averaged 9 hours a day at the dealership, but only working 3 hours a day, averaging 4 prospects per day, and selling 10 units per month.

‘Work’ = with a customer, prospecting in service, incoming leads, follow up calls, prospect calls, checking inventory, learning more about selling, overcoming objections, etc., practicing what you learn on JVTN®, getting more organized and more.

If you’ll spend your day at work ‘working’, you’ll definitely improve your sales and income.

In fact, any calculator will tell you if you work 3 hours and sell 10, if you work all 9 hours you’d sell 30.

Step 2: Prepare for daily success.

• Sleep. Miss 1 hour of sleep per night and in one week your IQ drops 10 points. Since selling is a  “mental” task, most of us can’t handle that kind of loss and still produce.

• Exercise. You need to get your brain and body working. Whether you run, pump iron or just take a walk, studies prove physical exercise improves mental performance!

• Make me your new best friend. Take a chapter on JVTN® every day or read a few pages of any of my books or blog, listen to “Go To Work To Work” on your way to work, and practice your skills. If you will, I’ll teach you how to sell and keep you focused on improving every day.

• Go to work 15 to 30 minutes early. Check your inventory, talk to early customers and get ready to sell.

By talking to 4 people per day, that’s 12 chances to sell something in 3 days, but average salespeople deliver just 1 every 3 days. The kicker: 10 of the 12 were buyers, so that’s 9 lost sales for no reason.

Go to work ‘to work’ and enjoy more quality time with your family.


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