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How you can improve your sales, income right away…

Great job Colby!

“From 6-7 to 14.5 and on track to make $80,000 this year!”

“Without the training on JVTN® I have no clue where I would be today. If it wasn’t for Joe’s step-by-step processes and his practice and repeat wording, I’d have no framework to follow. And I love being able to study at work or home.

I started out at 6-7 units and now my 90-day average is 14.5 per month. I made $30,000 in 6 months last year and this year I’m on track to make $80,000 with half a year to go!”

– Colby Purdue, Salesperson, Hyundai, North Carolina


So what do people learn in class? We cover the facts about buyers and they do their math so they understand their true potential.

We teach them to ask the right questions and practice them to bypass price, find wants & needs, build value, close and negotiate.

We teach them to deal with price, and practice bypassing early questions, rephrase to budget when closing and refocus to budget working deals.

We teach them to handle all of the common objections they get to buying and practice in the workshop so they can use those skills to close more sales.

We cover more in 2 days and on JVTN® than you’ll ever learn about selling on your own.

Are You Ready?

You can improve your sales and income right away just like Colby did. Start learning more now with JVTN® or in class. Your success will far outweigh the work you’ll put into it!


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