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Huge Tip

Huge tip on practicing that helped me a lot…

You know you need practice to get better, right? In real life, the best practice is with a customer because it’s ‘real’.

Find a sparring partner…

The very best customer to practice on is someone you’re absolutely convinced can’t or won’t buy anything from you, no matter what you say.

Whether it’s the lunch time shopper, a kid on his bike, the couple just dreaming about a new car, or ‘Bad Bob’, the worst price shopper on the planet with the, “I hate people who sell cars” attitude – give them everything you’ve got.

Do not talk about price, just ask them every question you can remember, bypass price when it comes up, rephrase it if you get a price objection, take them on a demo, and pull out your Weekly Pocket Guide and follow my steps to selling and closing (see page 44 & 45).

Go through the Landmark Closes, Assumptive Sold Line, & Seriously Now Closes. Use a dozen Action Closes, practice your Silent Walkaround on their trade, get the mileage, MPG and maintenance info, and then start walking towards the showroom as you ask your final closing question.

Also write them up if you can, and practice your 3-pass negotiation process, too. When you’ve used up everything you know – do it again. Seriously, if they’ll keep talking to you, do a recap, “Bob, just to make sure I understand…”, and start all over. If that didn’t work say, “Hang on a minute,” and look through your workbook for something you might have missed.

Do this at least once a day with that customer you’re sure won’t buy. Then make quick notes on what you need to work on and do it again tomorrow.

You’ll be shocked the first time you sell one of these customers, but if you’ll practice on them every chance you get, I guarantee you’ll sell more cars overall, and deliver some of them, too.


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