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I Quit – I’m Outta Here!

“If you try to make me learn more so that I can
sell more cars and earn more money, I quit – I’m outta here!”

One of our JVTN® support managers was talking to a manager who said his salespeople didn’t want to train on JVTN® every day.

Our support manager said, “Wow, you guys must be great to work for” and the manager said, “What do you mean?” She said, “Where I work, my manager doesn’t ask if I want to learn more or if I want to do my job, I have to do what I’m told or I get fired.”

That manager ‘got it’ and immediately started requiring his salespeople to take the JVTN® courses and required them to do their homework every week.

The next month he sent this e-mail:

“Last month wasn’t great for Chev in this area. Our unit average has been 115-120 but after requiring everyone to train on JVTN®, we delivered 217 units!”

Wow – almost double their sales!

His 12 salespeople went from a 10-unit average to 18 per person almost overnight. That also means they more than doubled their personal income.

How did they do it? By learning more about how to sell, and then taking the time to develop their skills (homework).

Don’t you wish your Managers forced you to learn more, and to give everyone demos, to prospect, to follow up, etc. so you could double your income, too?

If you’re on JVTN®, use it. If not, tell your managers to get it so you and the dealership can sell more & earn more.

# # #

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