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“I sold 45+ cars in April (2020)”

Congratulations Seamus!

“I wanted to touch base and let you know after one year of working in the industry, and from going to the Joe Verde sales workshop, I have had another record breaking month!

With the proper mindset and just focusing on work and not the world around me falling apart, in April I sold over 45 cars and averaged close to $500 per car before bonuses!

The Verde texts [and videos] you send weekly have been awesome during these stressful times and just the knowledge from the class has helped me push through and make it an amazing month!

Every customer is getting closed so smoothly with the trial closes and I am able to hold gross in a time when everyone is looking for amazing deals. Just wanted to say thank you and I am glad I have been able to learn from you guys! I can’t wait for the next workshop!”

– Seamus McNally, Product Specialist, New Hampshire


Aren’t these the kind of results you want, too?

How many times have you heard a salesperson say, “Nobody is buying now,” while another salesperson is delivering their 2nd unit of the day? Improving starts with believing you can do better, learning how to do better, then applying what you learn.

This may be a very frustrating year and the more you learn now, the better it will be for you. Call today!


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