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Imagine a different future and bigger paycheck

If you want to sell & earn more, imagine what you could learn in our 3 sales classes!

There’s so much to learn about “selling” that we have 3 completely different 2-Day Workshops:

  1. How To Sell A Car’ … on core selling skills and the sales process to double your average production now
  2. Advanced Closing & Negotiation’ … to handle those tougher sales and to deliver more of your write ups
  3. Building Your Business’ … how to work the phone, internet, follow up, and prospect to deliver 20 to 30+ units and earn $100,000 to $300,000 a year

That’s six 8-hour days of training on different sales topics. Most people speak at about 100 words per minute, so in those 6 days we literally speak over 1/4 million words on selling, closing, handling price, negotiation, etc. Plus, we have 5 times that much information on JVTN®!

I bring this up because when you look at all that we teach in class and online, the information in here (about 3,000 words) is less than one tenth of 1% of what you need to hear and learn to really hit the big time in sales.

If you’re learning more in here on how to sell more, walk into your dealer’s office right now and tell them you want to attend class so that you can sell more and earn more for yourself, and for your dealership.

Most dealers and GMs only hear from the lazy underachievers who complain about having to do any kind of training and don’t realize you actually want to improve.

Get your education now and earn more the rest of your life. Find out more here.


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