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Is it goal setting – or is it magic?

Goal setting is the best kept secret in the world and it’s the closest thing there is to real magic. It’s simple, and it’s powerful. You figure out what you want, then write a very detailed plan on how you’ll get it, and then presto – if you just follow your plan, 94% of the time you’ll reach your goal and get everything you wanted.

I honestly never thought about setting a goal until I learned from all of those great leaders in sales, business and success.

Even though I didn’t set a goal to be promoted in the Army, in a way I did set goals to avoid crummy duties by attending extra schools that were offered.

I worked hard and like in any job, when you learn more (regardless of the motive), you earn more. I figured the same thing applied when I sold cars the first time. I assumed hard work would pay off.

Those guys who wrote all those great books were definitely not ‘average’. They were the rock stars in their professions and they built industries and empires.

From those I listed and about 100 more, I learned from the most successful people that continuous success in sales, management, as a business owner, or in any other profession requires hard work + these 4 things…

• The skills to do the job
• Clear realistic goals with clear action plans
• A burning desire to succeed
• The discipline to follow your plan

Of course other things are also important…

Having a great attitude, a ton of product knowledge, being a team player, good daily work habits, building a customer base and all of those other things that affect success are important, too. But if you lack the skills, if you don’t have clear goals and clear plans, if you don’t want success badly enough or if you don’t have the consistent discipline it takes to follow your plan, you will most likely just become a very positive, average team player wherever you work.

Zig Ziglar and those other business leaders taught me the skills I’d need to succeed in sales, in business and in life. They also taught me how to set goals correctly and if you follow these steps I teach in my books, JVTN® or in our workshops, you can easily reach your next level in sales and continually improve.

Again, like you, I saw the potential in sales and I worked hard, but after reading their books, I developed my first burning desire to succeed and I had a clear plan to follow.

For the first time in my life I felt prepared, because I had developed my skills, I had clear goals and I now had that unwavering desire to succeed. And all of my farming days and my time in Vietnam finally paid off big time – because they gave me the work ethic and discipline it takes to make it happen.

Success is a Journey – not a Destination


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