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It’s 90 + 6 … Not 20 + 1

“Things are different now Joe. We either have what they want or we don’t & they can either afford it or they can’t. What difference does ‘selling’ make?”

Wouldn’t it be great if ‘different’ means we actually could prequalify people real quick, take shortcuts and still sell more!

Too many salespeople hold their breath, hope the right person will want the only vehicle they have – and pay full price.

Facts Matter

1. You can’t guess right on who can buy or afford it. When you try – you lose!

2. It takes about 2 hours to sell a car.

You’ll either spend 90 minutes or so on the lot ‘selling’ what they want about the vehicle, and 20 minutes working the deal to deliver about 50%+ of your customers.

Or you’ll spend about 20 minutes on the lot taking every shortcut you can, then spend an hour plus grinding it out trying to put a deal together – and you’ll miss almost every sale you could have made.

3. 80% of all sales are made after the 5th attempt to close. (That would be the 6th+.)

The problem is that the average salesperson only knows one close, and it’s usually a version of ‘would you buy it if?’. They sometimes ask twice, get a ‘no’, give them a business card and say ‘when you get a little closer, let us know, etc.’

1+2+3 above = lost sales every month.

Three tips: Stop prequalifying • follow the 8 steps 100% of the time • learn to handle every objection a customer may bring up.

Because 8 out of 10 came in to ‘buy’, 4 or 5 will, if you’re willing to do your job!


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