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It’s About Options…

Selling from inventory is all about
showing them options!

The dictionary defines an ‘option’ as something that’s “not compulsory, it’s a choice you can make”.

That’s why I keep referring to who, how, why and what. Who is this vehicle for? How will they be using it? Why are they getting it? What are their ‘hot button’ features? Are those features wants or needs?

• “We have 5 kids, I need a 7 passenger.” If they have 7 people in the family, they probably won’t leave a couple kids at home and buy a 5 passenger instead. In this case, seating for 7 isn’t an option, it’s a requirement.

Since you aren’t going to talk them out of 7 seats, remember that it takes precedence over most other ‘wants’ like color, cloth vs. leather, entertainment system or not, power tailgate, etc. Those are optional.

• “I want white.” Even when they say, “I really, really want white” … unless they have a fleet of white vehicles they have to add to, color is a preference, not a requirement. That means color is optional.

Find a vehicle with most of their other hot button features and sending them home in their 2nd or 3rd favorite color probably won’t be a problem most of the time.

Slow down and start mentally separating the things they want from what they need, and expand your inventory on colors and equipment. Remember: 86% don’t buy exactly what they asked to see, so show them other models or different vehicle types they hadn’t considered.

To show a completely different vehicle, “Let me show you something a lot of other people with your same needs are choosing.” Now hit their hot button needs and wants on this vehicle that are important to them.

As long as they didn’t normally carry more than 1 passenger, I delivered lots of basic Nissan pick-ups to singles, couples, and lots of people (men and women) in college who needed basic transportation with good mileage just to go back and forth to work or school.

It helped that I was able to point out that as their lifestyles changed, those held more value and sold faster when it was time to trade.

If you’ll give everyone a chance to change
their mind, 8.6 out of 10 will.


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