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It’s Half-Time – What’s your Plan to Finish Strong?

I’ve written 423 issues of my sales newsletter, “Selling Cars Today” and hundreds of sales blog posts, and I’ve never run out of new things we have to deal with. NOW it’s especially important to review critical skills, work habits and processes that make or break your sales every day.

So how have you done so far this year in units, gross,
and especially in your paycheck?

New units are much tougher to get these days. On the flip side, gross is incredible, so earnings are much higher on the same # of units. Key Now: Sell More!

Fewer mask requirements are making everyone feel better about getting out of the house, so your traffic will be up, too.

‘23s are out and that means more people will be on your lot. So assume everyone you talk to came to purchase, not just look.

Assume that every call, every lead and every walk-in is a buyer today and follow my 8 steps.

Did You Have A Plan?

Did you have clear unit and income goals, and clear plans on how to hit them the first six months of ‘22? Or did you just wing it and hope for the best?

If you had no goals, you missed sales. So what can you do differently to improve this month, so you can sell even more?

What skills helped you the most so far? Which of those skills can you improve to sell even more units?

What weak skills cost you sales the 1st half? Will you ignore them, or improve them and sell more?

Let’s look at some of the key areas we’ve been talking about that everyone should be improving to sell more and earn more to turn ‘22 into your best year ever.

TIP: ‘Gas Savings Close’ – the last time I talked about it, I paid $4 for Diesel. Now it’s $6.79. So at 100 gallons a month, that’s $300 more.



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