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It’s Not Rocket Science – It’s Common Sense

Have you ever heard, “Your first few seconds and your first few words will make or break your sale.”…?

Most salespeople in our business can’t understand how a sale that normally takes a couple of hours can be so affected by the first twenty seconds or so.

Your first few seconds: This would be that first impression you make. It includes everything they see and hear from the time they pull on to your lot. If they see salespeople in a huddle; smoking, joking, spitting – they’ve already formed their first impression, and it isn’t positive. Next comes your approach, how quickly you approach and how you look (personal appearance).

Your first few words: Salespeople lose sales daily because they don’t greet the customer properly … “Welcome to ABC Motors, I’m Joe and you’re…?” (shake hands). Most SP just can’t stop asking, “How can I help you folks?” which forces the first objection, “We’re just looking,” from their customers. 

Mix a bad first impression with a bad greeting and a quick objection up front and bam – in 20 seconds you’re done!

Your first impression: Your first 20 seconds won’t make the sale for you, but can and often will break the sale for you, again and again. So make a great first impression and greet every prospect promptly and properly. 


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