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It’s time for the main event, so…

UFC: “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!”
YOU: “Let’s Get Ready To Sell!” =

Whether you started during the COVID years or have been selling cars forever, things are changing. Your favorite sports teams prepare before every game for a win, and it’s time for you to prepare for your 2023 win now, too.

Our Training Support staff and our Regional Managers talk to a few hundred dealerships every week in the US and Canada, and they survey dealers across the country.

I can tell you that responses from dealers, managers and salespeople are across the board, but they settle into 3 groups…

• We’re knocking it out of the park.

• We’re holding our own.

• We’re just trying to make it through this.

Why is it that some will do well and some won’t? The difference is 100% based on their attitude about what to do next; focus on improving daily, or just hang on and ‘hope’ it works out.

Take Kevin, for instance. He followed an improvement path…

In 2016, he was a 7-8 car guy, making $44,000 a year. He attended our Sales Workshop in February, and in June, Closing & Negotiating. (Take those workshops or online in that order.)

He ended 2016 at $97,000.

In January 2023, he attended his 12th workshop and gave us his step-by-step growth plan to help others understand their potential.

  • 2017: $115,000
  • 2018: $135,000
  • 2019: $150,000
  • COVID – 2020 & 2021, $165,000 (and got married & bought a home … Congrats!)
  • And in 2022, $199,500.

Continually improving doesn’t depend on product or location. It’s very simple: you do it or you don’t.

The difference is having a clear, long-term goal, a clear plan to get you there, and the daily discipline it takes to make it happen.

Your success is up to you!


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