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It’s Your Career – How far will you take it?

There is a ton of opportunity to grow for 2 reasons…

1. Experts say to expect 17’ish million units again this year, people got tax cuts, companies got breaks and can keep more employed or raise their pay.

2. 80% of the salespeople down the street are below average. That means your competition isn’t very good, so they rely on cheap prices. But people buy two things; ‘value & you’ and when you offer the best of both, you’ll steal their deals every month.

Before you can plan your future though, you have to figure out what success means to you, and how far you want to take your career. Are you planning to take it to the max, or just get by on the $40,000-$50,000 average?

Read about results of our training at to see more salespeople just like yourself, who are willing to learn more, change and grow.

After our sales workshops and training on JVTN® salespeople and managers are…

• getting more down (= more deals approved & higher gross)

• seeing 50%+ unit improvements almost overnight by keeping price out of the discussion and selling the vehicle

• sales are easier by following my simple process – it literally walks the customer through the buying process

• taking control of their long-term success by building their own customer base to control their sales and income.

So what would it mean to you and your paycheck…

> If your gross went up 25%?

> If your sales improve by 50%?

> If you added 3 or 4 more repeat sales a month – who also pay 40% higher gross profits on their purchases?

The end result in your paycheck is huge.

Gross: If your payable gross averages $1,200, you make $400 per unit. At 10 units now, you’re making $4,000. Add 25% to that, and you’ll make $500 per unit / $5,000 a month. That’s a $1,000 raise, just on gross profit.

Units: If you sell 15 instead of 10, that’s 5 more sales also at $500 per unit for another $2,500.

Repeat: Make sure 4 of the 15 are repeat customers at 40% higher gross and add $200 x 4. So from easy bumps, your income is $8,300 up from $4,000 before.

Too much improvement to imagine? No big deal – cut everything in half.

Just don’t blow it off as a highball, like so many do to give themselves an ‘out’ for not doing what it takes to improve their sales and income.

Selling cars is the cream of the crop in sales because everybody has one and everybody will get another one.

Two easy ways to improve every year…

Get Into Sales 100%! Even if you never planned to sell cars, you’re in it now, and your opportunity is unlimited. That means you can grow and improve anytime.

Learn How To Sell! Sorry, but trying to learn how to sell from the other salespeople in the huddle and hoping it will all work out, won’t get you to $100,000+ in sales.

Our training isn’t a ‘hope it works’ solution. If you attend our 2 day class or take our courses on JVTN® or DVD, master the key skills we cover and go to work to work, barring natural disasters, you will improve.

Can’t afford 2 days to learn how to improve your income? Then take our 20+ sales courses on JVTN®. If you don’t have JVTN® at your dealership, at least go to our website and download one of my FREE sales books.

Here’s one thing I can promise you about selling cars…

Selling cars will be the highest paying, easiest work you’ll ever do …
or selling cars will be one of the lowest paying, hardest jobs you’ll ever have!

Get serious about your career, learn more every year, and you’ll earn more money than you ever imagined and accomplish more than you ever dreamed.

Jump in 100% – you’ll never regret it.


Sell more cars with Joe Verde’s sales book, “Earn Over $100,000 Selling Cars – Every Year” for a free PDF or to order a free soft cover book.