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Joe Contributes to ADESA Auction at NADA for CCI and Wounded Veterans

Another successful auction raised $77,118 to benefit Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) was held at the ADESA booth on Saturday during the NADA Show in San Francisco.

Also, through a GoFundMe page created by Joe Verde to benefit CCI, he contributed an additional $25,000 plus another $3,100 in donations from other generous contributors, totaling $28,100.

The Yamaha Drive Series golf cart that ADESA donated was a big hit at the auction…Here’s a rundown of the fundraising efforts:

  • Joe Verde placed the first winning bid of $20,000, and then donated the golf cart to be auctioned again;
  • Greg Noonan, publisher of Insight Media Enterprises, placed the final winning bid of $18,000;
  • Cash donations at the auction totaled $2,118; and
  • NADA’s board of directors collected an additional $37,000 from multiple un-named individuals.

Ben Chavez, an Army veteran and retired police sergeant from Tehachapi, Calif., and his hearing dog, Nepal, represented CCI.

“Nepal is really a game changer,” said Chavez, who sustained work-related hearing loss in both ears. “He is trained to hear certain sounds for me, such as sirens, alarms, doorbells, door knocks, the microwave going off and my wife calling my name.”

With their main headquarters close by in Santa Rosa, CCI made a strong showing at the Show this year with 28 dogs and their graduates, trainers and volunteers who spent much of the day Saturday walking the expedition hall promoting the charity auction.

“It was great seeing everyone from CCI who stopped by our booth and everyone who came out for the auction,” said Joe Verde, a strong CCI supporter since 2013. “Coming from an extended family of veterans, and as a Vietnam veteran myself, plus being a dog lover since I was born, I instantly connected with CCI and its mission to help our wounded military veterans at the first ADESA auction I attended.”

This was the eighth year that ADESA has held an auction at the NADA Show to benefit the NADA Foundation’s Frank E. McCarthy Memorial Fund, which supports CCI.

“The cost to train an assistance dog is around $50,000 per dog, and CCI provides these dogs to veterans free of charge,” said Verde. “So, if you’re looking for a great cause to donate to – CCI is a tough one to beat.”

Click here for more information on CCI’s Veterans Initiative.