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Joe Verde At NADA: Guarantee More Traffic And Sales in 2012

This year my workshop, “A Business Plan to Guarantee More Traffic And Sales,” is designed to help dealers find the right mix of e-leads, phone leads, walk-ins, advertising and repeat business to guarantee more sales.

One of the biggest challenges today is figuring out how to generate floor traffic to protect yourself in this market. I’ll show dealers how to establish a specific goal, based on their market, and how to structure a step-by-step business plan. Dealers will also learn how customers have changed, the two types of customer groups in today’s market and easy solutions to close more sales.

A lot of dealers and managers everywhere proved they could sell their way out of the toughest of times over the last few years, but right now many are back to doing the same things, and making the same poor decisions that got them into so much trouble to begin with.

Today’s buyers have changed in ways that affect their purchasing. Every consumer, buying any type of product has become more fearful, more cautious and more demanding. And with Internet access, they’re armed with more information, meaning salespeople need up-to-date selling skills to survive.

Now is the time for dealers to lay the groundwork now for increased floor traffic. Today’s market is more volatile than ever and dealers have to learn to generate their own floor traffic each month without breaking the bank. I’ll show attendees the quick and easy way to flood showrooms with buyers.