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Joe Verde Now Distributing Free Books To Australian Dealers

car sales training book from Joe Verde

Verde is North America’s Top Auto Sales Trainer
Legendary U.S. automotive sales training expert and author, Joe Verde, is now distributing to Australian dealers complimentary copies of his book that helped countless North American dealerships survive and grow in
the wake of the recession.
When Verde wrote “A Dealer’s Guide To Recovery & Growth In Today’s Market” in in the first quarter of 2009, it quickly became a lifeline to an industry reeling from months of economic bad news and cautious prospects. It did not matter whether a dealership was located in New York, Texas or British Columbia, countless dealers and managers used the book to jumpstart their growth.
“I’ve held training workshops in Australia and it’s clear the issues affecting dealers are the same as dealerships in the U.S. and Canada,” said Verde, president, Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc. “Dealership personnel are looking to their dealer for the vision of how to increase sales and my book is a step-by-step guide that provides them with a practical, repeatable plan of action that leads to immediate, and dramatic results.”
Verde started in the car business in the early 1970s as a salesperson. He has been a manager, a dealer principal – and for the last 25 years – head of the largest automotive sales and management training company in North America.
In addition to his sales and management training books and workshops, Verde also pioneered virtual sales training in the automotive business with, which is available worldwide. JVTN® provides dealerships with quick and easy access to a complete training program for all their employees in sales, sales management, finance, service and administration.
JVTN® subscribers have 24/7 access to the new Version 10 of the best sales and management training content online, including such essential Joe Verde content as “Closing The Sale & Overcoming Objections”, “Fast Start to Selling Cars For Salespeople” and “How To Follow Up, Prospect And Retain Customers In Today’s Market.”
In addition to sales, management, finance and service training content, JVTN® features Role Play Sessions where students can practice on virtual customers, fun and competitive timed Power Drill Games and management reporting tools.
Australian dealerships can expect to receive their free book in the mail by the first half of April, 2011. Dealers and managers who did not receive their complimentary book can order a copy online at
To get a free 72-hour test drive of Verde’s online sales training network visit or call (949) 489-3780. For information about Joe Verde and his training products, visit the Web at