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Joe Verde Sends Thousands of Free Books to Australian Auto Dealers

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., (JVSMT) announced that it is supporting Australian auto dealers during a slowing economy with the free distribution of more than 3,600 copies of Joe Verde’s books to all of the approximately 1,800 dealers across the country, including: “A Dealer’s Guide to Recovery & Growth in Today’s Market,” and “Pure Profit Double Your Net in Just 90 Days.” This is in addition to 10,800 copies that JVSMT has shipped for free over the past four years.

“The Australian auto industry is going through an economic slowdown similar to what the U.S. suffered. Therefore, the same principals apply to their recovery. The simple points laid out in my books have helped hundreds of dealers turn their sales around, and I hope they prove to be a boost to dealers in Australia,” said Joe Verde, President of Joe Verde Sales and Management Training, Inc.

Joe Verde Sales and Management Training, Inc., has been the recognized leader in automotive dealer, management and sales training for over 30 years. Verde believes his training should accomplish one goal; get results for each client. That’s why the company and its training is known in the car business as the ‘go to source’ for immediate sales results and long-term growth. JVSMT works with over half of the largest dealer groups and Top 500 dealers in the U.S., and with thousands of other dealerships across North America and around the globe.

Verde and his team of professional trainers have over 60 years of combined experience teaching Joe Verde sales and management skills and processes. They’ve spoken to more than 150 dealer 20 groups, ADAs, and at many other industry events, including 25 NADA annual conventions. They also hold hundreds of Joe Verde Sales and Sales Management Workshops each year. Verde’s training is exclusive to the automotive industry. It provides common-sense solutions to every challenge that salespeople, managers and their dealerships face today in selling more vehicles, earning more profit, and retaining their customers for life.

When Verde pioneered online sales training in 2005 with, it was an instant success. As a complete training source, JVTN® gave its dealership customers 24/7 access to all of its courses. And because JVTN® courses mirror the live training workshops, this allows dealers to continue their training after they attend classes. From Verde’s ‘Core 4 Fast Start’ for every dealership, to the dozens of continuing education courses online, JVTN® has proven to be the most valuable in-house sales training resource in the automotive industry today.

While Verde’s virtual sales training is offered worldwide, North American dealers can also receive a variety of other services that are not yet offered internationally; from complete workshop, online and in-house training programs; to materials on Leadership, Sales Management, Professional Selling, Closing and Negotiation. JVSMT coaches sales and management teams to greater success, increased sales and profits, year after year.

Many dealers around the world use virtual sales training through the Joe Verde Training Network® to help grow and turn around their sales. According to one General Manager, it helped him grow his sales from 50 to 184 units per month, “While on vacation I brought Joe’s book ‘A Dealer’s Guide to Recovery and Growth’, I couldn’t wait to get back and learn more about Joe’s training. We have since implemented the Joe Verde Training Network® – JVTN®. Our dealership has completely turned around! We were selling around 50 units a month, and in March we had an all-time record month and sold 184! Joe, thank you for getting us on track and pointing out that there is no secret to success, it’s working smarter, not harder,” Marvin Potter, General Manager Matthews Auto Group, Vestal, New York.

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