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Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., today announced the release of their newest Online Calculator that enables auto dealers to quickly and easily determine their real cost per sale from advertising. Auto dealers are invited to visit: for this critical information.

“Advertising is obviously important to doing business, but you have to know exactly which ads are working so you can spend your money effectively. When you ask any dealer which ad pieces are really producing, or even what they spend per unit on advertising – you’ll get an incorrect answer to both questions almost every time,” said Joe Verde, president of Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc.  “Most dealers don’t track ad sales, so they can’t know what works, and they also use the wrong formula to find their ad costs, so they’re totally off base there, too. When we give them the correct formula in class, they’re shocked at what they’re wasting.”

To learn what it really costs to sell a vehicle on an ad generated delivery, dealers should visit Verde’s Ad Cost Online Calculator and simply enter four numbers. “Most of us were taught to find our advertising costs per unit by using a bad, old school formula, and it’s costing dealers tens of thousands in wasted dollars, and hundreds of lost sales each year, so we’ve made it very easy to find the right answer,” Verde stated.

According to Verde, every auto dealer can lower their ad expense, sell more and increase net profit: “Track (source) actual sales from specific ads, then only run ads that work. You’ll save 50 percent or more, which will more than cover your budget for the training your need to double your sales and triple your profit in the next 12 months. When you train your managers, target your advertising and teach your salespeople to sell correctly to today’s buyer, you’ll increase your sales, lower your expenses, improve your net profit and grow each year.”

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training has been helping auto dealerships throughout North America dramatically increase their sales for 27 years and is well know for producing results. From complete workshop, online and in-house training programs; to materials on Leadership, Sales Management, Professional Selling, Closing and Negotiation; Joe Verde Group coaches sales and management teams to greater success, increased sales and profits, year after year.

Joe Verde’s introduces new courses regularly through their virtual training on JVTN® which features dozens of online courses that are complete with Leader Guides, tests, reporting and certification for salespeople, managers, finance, and service, plus hundreds of hot topic chapters on almost every situation a salesperson will encounter in sales.

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