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Lazy Salespeople Put In More Hours Than Sales Pros

I proved that my first 5 years when I was an average salesperson, because I had to work bell to bell almost every day just to sell 8 a month.

Then one day I realized I wasn’t even an 8 car guy. I was a 4 car guy working two shifts every day, and most of my days off.

Working bell to bell, staying late for an appointment, and coming in on a day off now & then to hit a bonus or finish off a great month is one thing – and you should do it.

But working ‘open to close’ every day just to earn a living was my (and every lazy salesperson’s) choice and punishment.

• I chose not to develop my skills.
• I chose not to come to work to ‘work’.
• I chose not to give everyone a demo.
• I chose to focus on price, not value.
• I chose not to follow up unsold customers.
• I chose not to build my repeat business.

Because of my choices, I had to work longer
to earn a living.

I refused to work smarter & I thought I was so good, I probably wouldn’t have done the work if my dealership had offered training.

Sales is the 2nd highest paying profession – and the good news is – you don’t need a $100,000 student loan to learn to earn $100,000+ selling cars.

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