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Learn More = Earn More!

Some say they don’t think they should have to read this, or go to class or really dig in to courses on JVTN® they have access to.

My question to you is…

“Do you want to earn more $$$ or not?”

Most salespeople ignore that ‘earning more’ is the real question. They also ignore that their decision to learn more or not affects not just themselves, it affects everyone who depends on them.

If you’re ever unsure about how your family feels about your decision, just ask them…

“If I get serious and learn more about selling, I can make us a lot more money. What do y’all think, should I do it or not?”


Small Paycheck Or Big Paycheck?

After 40+ years of working in and with dealers, I can guarantee that most salespeople don’t realize how lucky they are if they work for a dealer who provides them with training on how to sell more.

Unfortunately, too many salespeople in our industry are taught less about selling than fast food workers are taught about grilling burgers.

In fast food, every day is just a continuous ‘repeat’, customer after customer, but at your dealership, you have to engage in a strategic conversation with every prospect you talk to – on the lot or even on the phone – to get both of you on the same page, headed to the same goal,

with as few speed bumps along the way as possible.

Seize every opportunity to learn more, because ‘luck’ is never
there when you need it most…but skills last forever.


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