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Listen More & Talk Less

You have 2 ears & 1 mouth. If you want to sell more, listen more & talk less.

Most people don’t listen well and sales­people are no exception – in fact we may be worse than everyone else. Why? Be­cause we have an agenda, “Make A Sale”!

That “I need to sell this” thinking is one of the main reasons salespeople miss sales. They think price is the answer and can’t wait to make sure they can afford it.

Are you listening or just waiting to talk?

A customer could say…

“We’re looking for a white Suburban, 7 passenger, captain’s chairs in the sec­ond row, third-row power seats, power rear door, brown leather, double stitch, entertainment system, heavy duty tow package, sunroof, oh, and 22” wheels like those on the black one.”

This person saved you a dozen ques­tions, but there are another dozen more things to find out – who’ll drive it, how they’ll use it, and why they’re getting it. But most salespeople don’t hear a thing because they’re just dying to ask…

“How much do you want to spend?”

They’ll turn an easy sale with gross into a tough one with no gross, or lose another sale and go home tonight complaining about how people just aren’t ready to buy.


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