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Living The Dream…

“Joe, my story started out very similar to others – I was in a job working long and hard, and being underappreciated and wanted a change and the opportunity to earn more money.

When I first applied at the dealership, I told the GM during my interview that I needed to make $60K, which would have been a 70% increase from my current salary then.

He told me if I agreed to work smart and hard, and was willing to practice and learn the Joe Verde Process that I would get there. Of course, I agreed.

Joe – over the course of the last few years, I have read your books 7 to 10 times each. I read a minimum of a chapter a day every night after work, and I’ve trained on JVTN® relentlessly. We were required to watch 2 chapters a day, and I watched 4 chapters a day instead, because I wanted that $60K my first year. 

It worked, and my first year I made $80K and I broke $100K my second year, and I didn’t stop there. I just continued to get better by going over and practicing and applying everything I learned on JVTN® on a consistent basis. My last year selling cars, I was averaging over 25 a month and made $167,000. Now I’m a Finance Manager, making way more than I ever could have thought possible when I first got into the car business.

Through the car business, I’ve been able to build the custom house of our dreams, new vehicles for both my wife and I, and she has been able to stop working and take care of our children. I have peace of mind daily and financial freedom. And just like you teach, I know that every hour of my workday, ‘I am doing the most productive thing possible.’

Thank you, Joe – none of this could have happened without your training.”

– Omar Vasconez, F&I Manager, Chevrolet, Buick, CO