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“Lucky for me…”

“Lucky for me that we started training on JVTN®.”

“I had been in Service for 17 years and I loved working with the people, loved the product and the dealership but my dealer kept telling me I’d be great in sales, so 3 years ago I finally made the change.

Lucky for me after averaging around 8 a month my first few months, that we got on JVTN® and started training. I was hungry for anything that would help me get better and once I had access to JVTN® I took 10 to 15 chapters every week.

Joe, your training was exactly what I needed, and your 8-step process made so much sense and was so easy to follow. Just assume they all came to buy, roll out the red carpet, make them comfortable working with me, and then help them find the perfect car for them. Could it be that easy? YES, if you believe in the process, stick to it and master it!

My improvements were immediate and within a few months I was at 15 a month – and I just had my best month in July, and broke the store record with 28 units even during COVID. That brings my current average up to 20 units per month.

My first year in sales I made $70,000, then $105,000 my second year and I’m on track for over $125,000 this year. Learning your process and developing new skills has changed my life, and now I have no worries. My bills are paid, everyone in my family is driving new cars, and I can treat us to great vacations as well. Thanks for making it so easy for me to become an automotive sales professional and almost doubling my income this year.”

– Thomas Tati, Salesperson, NY