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Make at Least 4 More Easy Sales This Month

If you’re willing to follow this simple plan, you can easily pick up an extra sale a week.

What’s the plan? It’s simple …“Just make a plan every day.”

That’s it! Most salespeople go to work and ‘hope’. To sell more, change that to ‘go to work to work’ with a plan and then ‘do it’.

It’s just that easy. At the end of every today, make a list of the most important things you need to do tomorrow to sell more cars.

Your daily priority list becomes your action plan for the day. When you get to work tomorrow, your day is already laid out and everything you need to do is spelled out. Now all you have to do is follow your plan.

Bad Habit: Most people try to sell more by working longer. The problem; extra effort wears you down, and if you look at your sales chart, you’ll usually see a break even at best after the consistent ups and downs.

Instead of putting in more hours, learn to manage your selling activities. Those are the things you need to do to create more sales.

Your daily plan would include a list of activities like these…

I’ll call every unsold prospect today.

• I’ll make five 5-minute prospecting calls.

• I’ll call 10 previous customers.

• I’ll meet at least 2 service customers.

• I’ll use Joe’s easy 5 question prospecting script on every call and in service.

If you’ll do the activities, it’s just math. Those activities will quickly generate the leads & extra sales & income you want.

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