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Making $100,000 and Going Strong…

“I earn over $100,000 and train on JVTN® almost every day.”

“I’ve been in the car business for 30 years and I have had access to JVTN® (Joe Verde online training) for the last 7 years at my dealership.

Joe’s training and constant training on JVTN® is a religion at our dealership because no matter how good you think you are, you are not.

I sell 20 cars a month and earn over $100,000 a year and train on JVTN® almost every day.

In fact, I’ve already taken almost 30 chapters on JVTN® this month, and it’s only the 4th.

Like Joe says, ‘when you stop learning more, you stop earning more’, and I intend to keep earning more.”

Joe Gachine – The Car Store, DE


I hope that your dealership provides you with my newsletter, and you may also have other Joe Verde training, so make sure you thank your Dealer and your GM.

They’ll appreciate hearing from you. When I started selling cars again, my dealer didn’t provide training, so I invested $687 I didn’t have on a set of ‘Sales’ CDs. The very next day, I made a $700 commission by using what I’d learned, and I haven’t stopped learning more ever since.

I was at our sales workshop a couple of weeks ago and talked to a salesperson there who has attended 8 of our workshops and was back for his 9th.

And yes, he earns way over $100,000.

Don’t wait for anyone else to push you to succeed – we have workshops, JVTN®, DVD sets, and my book, “How To Sell Cars” so call us now and start improving NOW.


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