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Making $149,000 With

“My pay soared to $149,000!”

“Joe, since I started in the car business, 9 years ago, I invested in myself and my career by getting your VSA®. I have been growing steadily over the past 4 years, utilizing your JVTN® online training and focusing on your New Basics (8 steps).

After mastering the New Basics, it was time to focus on building my business, by doing better follow up – both sold and unsold – and implementing a quarterly newsletter to keep in touch with my customers. I sold 211 cars in 2013, and 239 in 2014, which equals a 13% increase. Since I was working more repeat and referral customers that close a lot easier and pay me more money, my pay soared from $119,000 to $149,000, a 25% increase.

Joe, thanks to you, I am not only a sales professional, I am also a great provider for my family with a great career that just keeps getting better!”

-David Wills, Salesperson, Toyota of Danville, Tilton, IL


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